Saturday, August 9, 2014

Welcome to Ta Ankh's World

I love to write.  Always have.  And it occurs to me that since I am extremely long-winded, that I need a place to express my ideas that are deeper that can be gotten into on my home away from home, Facebook.  So here it is. 

Welcome to Ta Ankh's World.

About me

As of this writing I am a 52 year old African American woman.  If I have a religious affiliation, it would have to be Afrikan spirituality.  The closest description I can come up with is Ausar Auset.  That's who I learned almost everything from.  The rest is my own perception and experience of life.

For more than three decades, I worked in the family business.  Now I have a knit/crochet/sewing business of my own.  I've been developing that for more than 6 years, and have been doing it full time for about 3.  And hell yeah, it's a struggle.  A struggle I wouldn't trade for the world.  Every day I thank God for the opportunity.

I love Facebook because it allows me to vibe with more than just the people that I am physically connected with.  I can have intimate conversations (not necessarily sexual), but there is a little detachment, and I like that.  I can also work at my business all hours, and take a break and socialize for awhile, and never change out of my pajamas if I don't want to.  That's living lol!

I'm somewhat of an intellectual (meaning that I like that stuff, not that I'm super smart), but it can't be too dry.  I'm somewhat of a spiritual person, but not above enjoying some ratchet tv.  I'm somewhat of a creative person, but in another life I could almost have been a computer geek.  I'm a nerd who loves zombies, but a goddess that love music too, and I used to read more than live.  I'm moody and can be very stand-offish, but if you catch me on the right day I could easily talk you to death.  I'm all kinds of contradictions, and too much of a rebel to fit neatly in anybody's box.

But enough about me.  Let's talk.

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